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About me

About Me…..Pauline

Hi, I am Pauline and I have decided to see what all the hype is about and try my hand at blogging. I enjoy writing and some people have told me I am pretty good at it so what better way to find out than to publish online.  Pretty scary.

In 2016 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  I decided to start a Facebook page and invited close friends and family to join.  As those closest to me are spread across the country I thought this page would be a good way of keeping everyone up to date on my treatment and results.  I also wanted to use it to ask for morale support.  As you can probably imagine there were times when I needed cheering up.  My hope was that this page would help me and others get through a very difficult time.  

Over time the page turned in to so much more than I was expecting, probably helping me more than others.  I found I was able to express myself better when writing it down.  Despite talking to lots of people that read the page, they undoubtedly found out more by reading my page than if they just relied on me speaking to them.  If you find yourself in a similar situation then I would highly recommend this approach.  When I was at my lowest this interaction, albeit virtual, really aided in my recovery.  

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Cancer Free

I am now cancer free and my medical treatment has finished.  The psychological treatment is ongoing and will be for some time but I am trying to get back in to “normal” life.  I don’t write as much on my Facebook page and its coming to an end but I felt I needed to carry on with my writing.  I only write short pieces at a time and they are turning in to a bit of a brain dump based on events during my working day.  What better way to carry on than to set up a blog on the internet?  I’m laughing to myself now, writing for the world is very different than writing for my family and friends.  I may be in a for a shock!!

I intend to write about life after Breast Cancer and the world in general. Whats going on with me? Whats going on with others?  Thoughts that pop in to my head during everyday life.  I hope you like what you read.  Please comment on my posts and if there is anything you would like me to write about please contact me